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Having been involved in design and advertising for over 15 years, I know a good logo when I see one.

Okay, I’m lying–I’ve been looking at and judging logos since I was old enough to tie my shoes. As a youngster, I even designed logos for fake football teams (the Wyoming Wildmen only sounds cool to an 8-year-old). Logos are what I have always loved most about design.

Quite simply, logos succinctly encapsulate everything about a sports team (or, in this case, a limo company). Logos in business are equally important.

A good logo shows that a company cares about the way they present themselves to the public. In my daily duties as the Creative Director of Limo Digest, I have become familiar with hundreds of ground transportation companies’ logos. Here are my top 10 favorites. I am sure you may disagree with me, but save that for your own blog.

10. LSW Chauffeured Transportation

To show you how unbiased I am in this blog, I designed the original LSW logo that #10 replaced! LSW introduced a new logo a little over a year ago and they hit a home run with the typography and logo choice. Simple yet refined, they made great use of combining the LSW into an original and structured foundation. I also absolutely LOVE the green and dark blue color choices that LSW chose. The best way to describe this logo is: BIG but unobtrusive. Quietly confident. And that’s a good thing in the ground transportation industry.

9. Allstar International

There’s just something about this logo that sticks out to me, and I really can’t articulate it. Needless to say, it just made my list. Maybe it has to do with how it all fits together so well. Nothing seems forced. Also, the “star ” makes me think of the Dallas Cowboys, and the corporate colors fit the scheme perfectly. I actually hate that I love this one, to be honest. But only because I hate the Cowboys. It works and it works well.

8.  Montreal Limousine

Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of visiting Montreal would understand how well this logo articulates the look and feel of this Canadian city located in the province of Quebec. The understated motion and abbreviated “MTL” combined with the skyline of the city, as well as the blue and gray color scheme, communicate corporate travel without omitting the word “limousine.” Undertones of the French architecture and language are hinted at as well, all coming together into an icon that embodies trustworthiness and ease of travel.

7. Kings Worldwide Transportation

A great logo clarifies and accentuates the meaning behind the icon you chose to represent your company. The Kings Worldwide Transportation logo exemplifies history and class, which resonates perfectly with the name and industry. If I may return to the football motif I began with in my intro: When it comes to demonstrating power, choosing red as your primary color is a touchdown in the logo department. This logo works for me because it parallels the company’s personality and vision. Globes are a staple in the ground transportation industry and when used improperly, can get stale. However, in the logo above, it is used in such a way that it “crowns” the powerful font choice. I also love how the “swoosh” mirrors the globe to effectively communicate movement.

6. Angel Limousine

When looking at a page full of company logos, the Angel Worldwide Transportation logo leaps off the page and commands attention. Not only is it the choice of colors, but the choice of fonts that convey a sense of comfort and reliability. It’s very clean and cool – would look great on a hat or a tee shirt. This is an example of an icon above the name standing alone with great effectiveness. The wings are symmetrical and the subtle yet implied globe is a nice detail. I would use the word “heavenly,” but I’m trying to be original here!

5. CLI Worldwide Transportation

Here is a logo that just looks dependable. I love the bold use of purple in the logo and the way the globe is enclosed by the larger C. It just demands respect without coming off as pretentious. The use of both serif and sans serif fonts makes the logo look elegant and steady. To be honest, this is a logo that I wanted to dislike because it follows a formula. But it’s just too good at following that formula to ignore. Sometimes doing what is expected isn’t the wrong choice. You just have to be good enough at it to get noticed. CLI’s logo does just that.

4. Overland Chauffeured Services

If this was the NFL (last football reference, I promise… actually, second to last), Overland would be the the Chicago Bears. Overtly simple yet stylish, the logo reads clearly and stands out in a crowd – just by being itself. And isn’t that what we all want in life? The big “O” defines classic and historic, but gives the viewer just enough motion to hint at progressive. I also love the subtle open “A” in “Overland” and how it mirrors the “V”. It’s a seamless combination of motion and stability. If it’s not broke, don’t try and fix it.

3. Logic Limo

On the opposite end of the spectrum is Logic Limo. I’m beginning to show my bias towards green, but I love when a company takes a risk. And this is a risk that pays off. Simply put, it stands out not only in its composition but in its choice of fonts and colors. You can’t stop staring at it and its originality makes the brand stay in your head long after you’ve turned away. Way to break the rules, guys. Sometimes that works, too.

2. Grand Avenue

Not only is this a personal favorite, but an overwhelming favorite of everyone in the Limo Digest staff. Like a Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot blend, it’s the perfect combination of classic elements resulting in an exceptionally modern logo. The typography and effective yet simple color scheme of greens and grays balance out the progressive feel of the top half of the logo. The best feature is that the icon above the name of the company can stand alone with equal brand  identity. There is no other logo quite like it in this industry. One of the other elements that I love about the logo is its inclusion of the company tag line: Be Driven. That simple phrase can be carried over into any aspect of business and personal success. The whole formula adds up to a winning combination that exemplifies strength,  and consistency of service with an eye on the future of ground transportation.

1. Zetian Limousine

Did you know that Wu Zetian was a Chinese sovereign in the Zhou dynasty? Neither did I until I Googled it. To my surprise, however, that’s not why they named their company Zetian. It was decided on after combining the owner’s wife’s nickname (Zet) and his first name (Brian). I only did all this sleuthing and gumshoeing to find the origin of the company name because I just loved the logo so much. Not only did I love the logo, but again this was one everyone picked as a favorite. The reason: it looks luxurious without trying to be luxurious. Maybe it’s the silver and black combined with a rich purple backdrop. Sometimes great art cannot be defined… it simply has to be experienced. This is the case with the winning logo. It just came out on top.

The following logos didn’t make the cut, but I felt were worthy of mentioning as really good in their own right.


Tristar Worldwide

Simple yet forward thinking. Classic and strong. Tristar keeps it minimal but balances out the basic with subtle overtones and quality attention-to-detail. It’s a logo that has a ton of functionality and is adaptable in every medium. That is the benefit of a versatile logo, and that was clearly a priority in this logo design.

Paradise Worldwide Transportation

How do you utilize a palm tree in a logo without looking like a budget cruise? Like this. If you’re able to capture the feeling of a luxury resort destination in black and white, then you clearly know what you;re doing. I’m a sucker for gothic fonts – and the use of it here effectively balances out beachy leisure with corporate professionalism.

There you have it. The ten best logos in the industry and then some. A perfectly executed logo in the ground transportation industry can give your ground transportation company a huge head start. Make the most of this important branding decision to make sure your company’s core values are communicated effectively.

What logo or logos do you like? Were there logos you think I missed and would like to mention? I welcome your input! // Hīrākud LD

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Lisa’s main focus is the editorial content and many of the new features and departments of the brand.


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