Top 7 Most Expensive Limo Repair Mistakes


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The performance of your limousine depends to a large extent on you well you maintain it.

Your negligence toward limo-maintenance could result in your limo breaking down sooner than it should. With repair and servicing costs being so high, you could be left with spending considerable amount of money just to get your limo working normally again. Well, you can save yourself from all that trouble, if you take good care of your limo. In this article, you’ll learn about the most common yet at times expensive mistakes limo-owners make and what could be done to remedy them. Read on, to start making smart decisions about your limo!

tediously 1. Using a Discount Mechanic
There’s nothing wrong in trying to save a few bucks on repairs, especially when that all important replacement part is quite expensive. But no two mechanics will repair your limo the same way. So try to figure out how various mechanics in the area of your vicinity work. Generally, the way to go is strike the balance between the cheapest and the most expensive. It’s best to compare prices between service providers, peruse through the online reviews and get opinion of friends and family for referrals.

Pick a shop that you find convenient and well rated based on reviews from multiple sites like Google, Yelp and Openbay. Limousine repair can prove to be a bother, so make sure the job once done has been done well. You would hate to take a poorly done repair job back for a re-fix to a different mechanic.

buy Pregabalin in uk 2. Filling the Engine With the Incorrect Weight/Type of Oil
Many people would confess to having filled their limo engines with incorrect weight or type of oil at one point or another. They don’t think it makes any difference as long as the limo engine has been filled with some kind of oil. Still more careless limo owners would forget to fill the engine altogether. The mark of such drivers is that they could be recognized approaching from 3 blocks away.

Of course it’s a wrong practice; you can’t afford to be negligent with the weight and type of oil you use in your limo.

The tell-tale signs of filling your engine with the incorrect oil may not come to the surface instantly, but there’s no denying the fact that continuing with this approach would only deteriorate engine overtime. So make sure you pay utmost attention to the type, may it be synthetic, partial synthetic or non-synthetic and also the correct weight (i.e 10@-30W, 0W, 40, 5W-20, etc.) of the oil required in your vehicle. Don’t fool yourself into believing that your limo would acclimatize itself to whatever oil you pour into it. 3. Persisting With the Dirty Filters When You Need New Ones!
Air and fuel filters are a significant part of the limo’s anatomy. Keeping them dirty and messy can actually wreak havoc on your limo. One of the most common reasons for a check engine light coming on is the failed sensor, which in some acute cases can result in the engine misfiring. Turning a blind eye to it could lead to major problems with the catalytic converter. This could result in the limo failing to pass emissions inspection until it gets repaired, the cost for which could be around $1,000 for most limos.

4. Ignoring the Scheduled Maintenance
Number of people don’t even bother going through their limo manual. But despite seeming nondescript and useless, it does serve a purpose. Your limo manual contains everything you wish to know about your limo. It also has some very useful DIY fixes for common limo issues that can save you money. The limo manual would also have information on when you should take your limo for inspection and fine-tuning. Following the instruction given in your limo manual will ensure the longevity of your vehicle, practically eliminating the need for constant repairs, and help you save thousands of dollars on maintenance.

5. Failing to Rotate Tires and Check Air Pressure
Forgetting to rotate your tires and failing to keep a check on the air pressure on regular basis can cause uneven tread wear and damage the limo’s tires. This can further lead to various other potential problems such as strain on steering and suspension parts (viz. tie rod end), vibration while driving and uneven traction. Most limo repair shops would rotate the tires for a nominal fee; or you could do it yourself if you’ve got a jack and jack stand at home. As for the air pressure, you can get that checked at almost any local gas station.

A key thing to note here is that air temperature affects the tire inflation, so even if you’re not noticing any leakage of air from the tires, you still have to get them checked as the weather changes throughout the year.

6. Overlooking Wear on Brake Pads
Can you identify with that screeching sound a limo makes as it comes to a stop? Well that’s its brakes asking for help! Carrying on with such brakes is not just irritating for the people around you, but it can mess up your limo overtime. Having the brake pads replaced on regular basis will actually help you save money as a brake rotor will last longer if the pads are changed from time to time. On the other hand, if the pads are left unattended until they’re absolutely worn, they will scratch and score the rotor. As someone who’s had their brakes changed would vouch for it, the most expensive part of the job is the rotors. Therefore, preserve them if you want to save money on your limo repairs.

7. Neglecting Brake, Transmission and Other Fluids
Besides fuel there are a number of other fluids your limo needs to run efficiently. Obviously you’d have to refer to your owner’s manual for the complete list of fluids and their respective change schedules to get the gist of things. You can even do this job yourself and save some money on both front and back end. Even the most clueless of drivers would be able to replace these fluids very easily. Last but not the least; don’t forget to winterize your limo! The harsh cold weather can take toll on your vehicle if it catches it unwinterized.

Acting on the tips mentioned in this article to dodge the pitfalls will keep your limousine services in good shape and help you save precious time and money that you would otherwise find yourself spending at the limo mechanics. //LD


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Lisa’s main focus is the editorial content and many of the new features and departments of the brand.


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