Top 10 Limo Scenes in Modern Cinema


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When you think of a limousine in the real world, you can associate many great memories.
When it comes to cinema, it’s no different. The limousine has a long history of being one of the best environments for entertainment. In fact, the limousine has been part of the cinematic world since the silent movies and Our Gang shorts, where the original Our Gang created their own fantasy limousine back in 1929. In recent history, the limousine is still the symbol of success.

Hollywood has capitalized on the luxurious and open backdrop of a limousine for some of the most entertaining scenes in films. Here are ten of my favorite limo appearances in film since 1980 and why, starting with #10:

10. The Secret of My Success: The relationship between a chauffeur and the chauffeured is a very special relationship in real life and one that is certainly explored (and usually exaggerated) in the world of cinema. Although the two are roughly yards apart, what looks like proximity can feel like countries apart. However, that implied tension is exploited sometimes in the fantasy world of film, and no one scene illustrates this more than the limousine scene in “The Secret To My Success”, in which Michael J. Fox plays a college intern and driver for the boss’ wife. Brisbane

09. Trading Places: As part of a betting “experiment”, two rich attorney brothers take two people from opposite ends of the economic spectrum, Eddie Murphy’s character Billy Ray Valentine is given a limousine and chauffeur. Chaos ensues in this hilarious Akroyd/Murphy classic.

08. Dumb and Dumber: Lloyd Christmas is dumb but certainly funny in the opening scene to this cult classic, where he meets Mary Swanson while chauffeuring his new crush to the airport and stumbles through this hilarious dialogue:

07. Big Fat Liar. “Yeah, it must be really, really tough to be 11!” Paul Giamatti nails it once again, this time in a comedic role!

06. Driving Miss Daisy: Morgan Freeman nails his role as Daisy’s chauffeur in this “period piece” about relationships of all kinds.

05. Pretty Woman: Julie Robert’s breakout movie features a dramatic goodbye limo ride that tugs at your heartstrings long enough to make you realize that this comedy had some legs and would still be watched 25 or more years later.

04. Camp Rock. This scene is one of the best in this Disney Channel classic.

03. Arthur. “How rich am I? I wish I had a dime for every dime I have… hahahahahahahaha!” Dudley Moore is at his best in this 1981 comedy classic.

02. Escape: The ancient Mayan calendar predicted that Dec. 21, 2012 would be the “End of Days”… well, John Cusack is in a rush to change all that. His choice of vehicle? A limo. Not a bad way to go out.

01. Wall Street: I love this movie and this scene is no exception. The dialogue is fantastic as Gordon Gekko discusses his goals with Bud Fox. Absolutely one of the best scenes in the movie.

There you have it… my list of the top 10 limo scenes in cinema since 1980. So what are some I might have missed? What are your favorite scenes featuring limousines in the movies? I left out a few steamy scenes simply because they are too cliche and there are too many. But I would love to hear your as well! Leave in the comments section below.

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Lisa’s main focus is the editorial content and many of the new features and departments of the brand.


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