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TOM ZACHARY, General Manager

With over 25 years experience in sales, customer service and business management, Tom Zachary is an invaluable team leader, and has been instrumental in orchestrating the new direction of the magazine and brand. For any questions, comments or concerns regarding print, digital, or advertising sales, you can reach Tom at

Lisa N. HannahLISA HANNAH, Editor-in-Chief,
Digital Media Manager

Lisa D. Hannah joined the Limo Digest team as Editor-in Chief and Digital Media Manager and quickly became an indispensable creative contributor to the publication. Lisa brings a new vision with demonstrable expertise in diverse genres of writing gained from several years of experience in Marketing and Branding, and as a small business owner. Lisa’s main focus is the editorial content and many of the new features and departments in the upcoming issues of Limo Digest. You can contact Lisa at regarding any editorial questions, comments or submissions.

JOHN CRAWFORD, Creative Director

John Crawford has been involved with the growth of the Limo Digest magazine since January of 2013 and has been involved with the Limo Digest brand since 2006. John holds a degree in Marketing from James Madison University, as well as a degree in Graphic Design from Temple University/Tyler School of Art. He has created award-winning designs for a variety of companies throughout his career. You can reach John at with any questions or comments.

Greg "Junior" SinkoGREG SINKO,
Account Executive Representative

Greg “Jr.” Sinko has worked for the Limo Digest family of businesses for over a decade. He brings a wealth of knowledge from various positions to the company. He serves as driving force from the alpha phase to final release on many of our major projects at Limo Digest. As a proven team leader, Greg is adept at prioritizing tasks and is known for his dedication to the company. Now operating as our Executive Account Representative, you may contact Greg at for any questions about your account with the publication.