Limo Owners Group Spreads Kind Acts in Denver

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A meeting in Denver resulted in limousine owners walking through the city paying it forward with random acts of kindness.

Driving Results, a consulting group for the industry recently held an owners group meeting in Denver. Fourteen members of the Wheels in Motion group fanned out across downtown Denver to perform random acts of kindness upon the citizens of Denver.

The group randomly showed up at a soup house, washed dishes and worked the food line. They came upon a lady who had locked herself out of her car and they helped her unlock it. They paid for a young woman’s groceries when her debit card declined as she and her young son purchased groceries. The group handed out flowers to people they passed as well as Oreo cookies, bottles of water and fresh fruit from the hotel lobby where the group stayed.

The random acts of kindness were part of a team building exercise intended to measure leadership, use of resources, creative thinking and cash management as each team was given cash and expected to achieve maximum value with cash provided. Each interaction was documented in a video and presented later in a class setting. The real winners were the people of Denver who received a kind gesture from total strangers from the limousine industry.

Wheels in Motion meets four times a year in different cities for the purpose of learning, round table discussions, goal setting for the next quarter and sharing creative ideas with each other about problems, trends and situations in the industry. The group also entered into a weight loss challenge and each member put up $100 betting they could lose the most weight by November. Members of the group did a weigh in during a site visit at Towne & Country Limousine of Denver and will be weighed in Orlando when the group meets again. The weight loss winner will get $1000 for their effort. For more information about Driving Results, visit their website at

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Lisa’s main focus is the editorial content and many of the new features and departments of the brand.


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