For more than two decades, the mission behind the Limo Digest brand has remained steadfast: to be the definitive voice of the luxury ground transportation industry. The same Limo Digest that has been around since 1991 is now better than ever.

Our unwavering dedication to keeping livery industry professionals informed, educated and connected has cultivated a loyal and abundant community of readers. In fact, Limo Digest has one of the largest verified circulations in the industry, reaching the best and brightest in the business—from the renowned coachbuilder to the entrepreneur starting a brand new limo service. Our staff is feeling energized and gaining momentum for 2016, striving to further the reputation we’ve built over the years as the true source for the ground transportation industry.

Not only is Limo Digest’s circulation database one of the largest, it is also the most frequently updated and accurately targeted—ensuring that our advertisers get the greatest exposure and the best return on their investment.

Limo Digest is where livery professionals look first to inform their purchasing decisions. Accordingly, our advertisers tell us that they get great results from their ads in Limo Digest. Limo Digest is recognized as the authoritative trade magazine in the livery sector because we operate with the most experienced staff of researchers, experts and consultants in the business. Ultimately, the value and reliability of a publication is what most directly impacts the effectiveness of information communicated in its included advertisements.

As the trusted voice of the luxury ground transportation industry, our readers are more likely to respond to your ad’s call-to-action. We are dedicated to maintaining this trust and this standard throughout the upcoming editorial year by continuing in our commitment to consistently produce the most useful and informative content.

We are recognized as the authoritative voice in the field because we operate with the most experienced staff of researchers, experts and consultants in the industry. Limo Digest also draws from experts in the industry and welcomes contributions from readers.

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