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When a business is almost completely based on the road, driving expenses add up in a multitude of ways.

Constant tune ups, break downs, gas fill-ups, and more can cause costly consequences. Since fleet run businesses are not able to keep a watching eye on employees at all times, unfortunately, mistakes are made by drivers from time to time. Expensive and avoidable issues like speeding can hurt a business’ wallet and reputation.

GPS technology has been around for years. However, newer strides in this line of technology have granted business owners more control over their employees performance, gas consumption, and car maintenance. This insight gives the owner power to make adjustments where needed in order to lower their overall expense report. Not only that, but some necessary enhancements, that happen to come with some GPS technology, also trigger a lowered carbon footprint.

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One of the biggest reasons for flat tires is sharp objects puncturing the rubber. In order to avoid a much larger problem, some GPS tech comes equipped with a tire pressure gauge. A small nodule attaches to the air insertion valve and reports its findings back to the main computer in the drivers seat. This not only allows the driver to see their tire pressure and temperature at any time, but the employer as well. If any tire pressure issue arises the driver will be alerted to a possible issue immediately. Needless to say, maintenance will always be needed, but this type of resourcefulness reduces time off of the road, saves larger repair expenses, fuel costs, and driver’s lives.

generic Misoprostol without a precsriptions How’s My Driving?
We’ve all seen those “how’s my driving?” stickers on the back of semi trucks. Those are actually being replaced by a far more efficient method of driving performance tracking. GPS services can now be installed that link to the vehicle computer. By doing so, users other than the driver, can track the speed of the car, distance traveled, and time spent idling. in real time.

Of course, making sure the employee is safe when using the vehicle is the most important point, but revealing some unfavorable driving habits by using GPS tracking technology could potentially dodge larger expenses in the long run. Possible speeding fines (which can vary largely depending on the area), driving classes, and insurance inflation can cause huge problems for fleet businesses.

Tanguiéta Going Green
Eco-friendly changes to a fleet business can be daunting and expensive. Luckily, some companies are now implementing GPS tracking software that monitors all movements (and lack there of) for every vehicle. Idling a car uses about half a mile of gas per minute and is the leading cause of gas waste. Making sure the car is always turned off, even when just stopping for a minute, can really add up over time. Every 10 minutes that an engine is turned off means one less pound of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere.

Drivers and fleet run businesses around the country are reaping the benefits of GPS technology. Whether your concerns are with eco-consciousness, driver safety, or time efficiency & management there is undoubtedly a solution to the problem with this simple technology. // LD

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Lisa’s main focus is the editorial content and many of the new features and departments of the brand.


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