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Commonwealth Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation, based in in Boston, Mass. and New York, is celebrating its 35th Anniversary.

Commonwealth Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation, with headquarters in Boston, Mass. and New York, NY, is celebrating its 35th Anniversary. as one of the leading providers of corporate conveyance globally, serving more than 85 countries worldwide.

In 1982, a taxi driver in Boston – tired of not having air-conditioning in his cab and sometimes having to deal with unruly passengers – decided to upgrade and cater to a more “upscale” clientele. The cab driver, Dawson Rutter, purchased a 1982 Cadillac “Formal” Limousine, altering his life and as it turned out, thousands of people’s lives and experiences for years to come.

“When I first started, I had a vision of myself and maybe five or six of my friends owning and operating our own ‘mini-fleet’ of limos and servicing more affluent customers in the Boston area.  If that is all it ever became, that would have met my goal.” recalls Dawson. “Little did I know at the time what I had actually set in motion. All I knew for sure was that I wasn’t going to sweat in my cab anymore!”

What he “set in motion” was the beginning of what would become a highly successful, respected and award-winning company that employs more than 400 professionals and owns more than 200 luxury vehicles in Boston and New York City. What makes Commonwealth unique in the industry is an uncommon dedication to consistency and commitment.

“From the start, no matter how busy we were, we wanted to treat each and every ride as if it was the only one we were going to provide that day. We still ingrain that attitude upon each of our chauffeurs today, as well as all of our team members through the entire customer experience, from reservations through accounting.”

Commonwealth Worldwide has been honored to receive many accolades including “Operator of the Year” from the Taxi, Limousine & Paratransit Association, The New York City Association of Hotel Concierges “Concierge Choice” Award, The Hartford Insurance “Pewter Stag” Safety Award and Boston magazine’s “Best of Boston” a record six times.

Dawson Rutter didn’t quite know what he started 35 years ago, but he knew that if he treated his customers exceptionally well, he’d be successful. And besides, he’d always have air-conditioning!

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Lisa’s main focus is the editorial content and many of the new features and departments of the brand.


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