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Monday, May 5, 2014

Reston Limousine Announces New Director of Business Relations

Reston Limousine recently announced a new addition to its team. Barry Gross, a chauffeured transportation industry veteran, has been hired as Reston's new Director of Business Relations. In this role he will focus on affiliate and event business, and customer service training.

“Barry has an extensive track record of generating revenue and increasing efficiencies throughout his extensive career in the business, and we’re excited to have an industry professional of his caliber join our high performance team,” Reston Limousine CEO Kristina Bouweiri said.

Gross' resume includes employment at All Resort in Utah and ExecuCar in Arizona. He most recently served as Executive Director of Richmond, Virginia-based A Goff Limousine & Bus Co., where he expanded the company’s operations, improved efficiency and profitability, and revamped its training program and standard operating procedures.

“Our company is continuing to grow at a rapid rate, and we need new team members who not only can help us manage that growth but take it to another level,” COO Tony Simon said. “Barry’s proven success in the industry and his reputation as a high energy, positive individual make for an excellent fit for our results-driven corporate culture. We anticipate that with the addition of Barry to our team, we will continue to exceed the expectations of not just our corporate and charter clients, but our partners within the industry.”
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Celebrate National Small Business Week with Free Webinars from

It's National Small Business Week from May 12-16, and to celebrate, the U.S. Small Business Administration is going on its annual national tour, with educational forums and panels, networking opportunities, and events honoring small businesses throughout the country.

Throughout the week, you can also participate in a variety of free webinars and online events, covering topics like “Making It Big: Small Biz Success in a Mobile World.

That’s just one of the great online events you can participate in for free! Check out other webinars and the SBA's full conference schedule at

Luxury Motorcoach Service, Vonlane, Launches in Texas

There’s a new motor coach line that’s appealing to business travelers or anyone who wants to go from Austin to Dallas in a comfortable environment and get some work done.

Another busy day at Austin's Airport, and attorney Scott Spears wishes he didn't lose valuable time waiting for his business trip to get off the ground.

"You waste a lot of time, billable time, that you could be doing other things," he said. "You could use the time more beneficially and not have to waste the time getting in the airport, checking in, going through the checkpoints.”

He’s intrigued to hear about Vonlane, an executive motor coach service for business travelers that will go between Austin and Dallas.

The new service hits the road Monday.

Read the full story at

Minimum Charge Regulations Debated in Rhode Island

Supporters of a minimum charge on all rides offered by limousines, livery cabs and other so-called public motor vehicles argue that it’s a necessary mechanism to differentiate them from taxis.

Opponents counter that a price floor unfairly protects taxi companies from competition by restricting new smartphone application-based ride services offered by tech firms such as Uber and Lyft.

Both sides were represented at a standing-room-only public hearing Wednesday before the state Division of Public Utilities and Carriers on a proposed $40 minimum charge that was set to go into effect in November but was suspended after an outcry from companies that say it would curtail their business.

Chief among those critics is Uber, the San Francisco-based firm that uses an app to facilitate business between car drivers and customers and then takes a share of any fees charged for rides. The company operates in dozens of cities around the world and started offering services in the Providence area last September.

Read the full story at

The 6 C's of Small Business Marketing

It's the start of another week and you're back at the office wishing things were different. All of us are conditioned to want to make changes, but are hesitant to actually make them. Simply put, it's hard to change. Well, when it comes to increasing business, it's even more difficult. But there are some things you can implement that can increase your current business and get your week off to a good start. For reading simplicity, I am going to call them the 6 C's of Small Business Marketing.

1. Create an Elevator Pitch. Studies have shown that the average person's attention span is roughly ten seconds (which means you may have already tuned me out!). No matter where you are, you need to be promoting your business... and promoting quickly. Think about what your company is and what differentiates your company from your competition. This requires some real thinking because your pitch can't be an empty promise. If you are about price, then say you offer the lowest rates in the area. If you are about a luxurious ride, accentuate what that means concisely.

2. Cross-Promotion. Speaking of promotion, no matter where you are located, there are other businesses looking to increase their own bottom lines. One of the best ways to increase your business is to hook up with other businesses that make sense. For a ground transportation company, it could be hotels, corporations, airports and prom/wedding boutiques. Is there a hotel near you that gets a lot of traffic? Is there a local boutique that handles all of the bigger weddings and events in the area? Ask to partner with them. Reach out and ask about running a promotion together that benefits both parties. It can't hurt to ask.

3. Communicate. Get involved. Whether it be a national or local association, it is time to create a presence for your company. Being in the industry for many years myself, I can assure you that nothing is more important in the ground transportation industry than networking. The big players in this industry put a huge premium on the friendships they have cultivated over the years. If you, like myself, are not comfortable stepping into a group that is unfamiliar, start locally. Start with something you are passionate about first, like your community or a local business organization of some sort. You'll be amazed how many more business opportunities come from a firm handshake and a genuine hello.

4. Content. On the opposite end of the spectrum is your online presence. Another way to increase your business is by amping up your visibility on the internet. Creating valuable content on your website, whether it be in a blog format or via social media, is a great way to gain the trust of the consumer and open avenues that otherwise would never manifest. Write about what you know and keep in mind that other business owners and potential customers are looking for ways to either save money or make money with your expertise. Run special online offers and track your results. Update your blog frequently with current information and promote your blog via social media. This may take more time than my other suggestions, but it is a necessary and fundamental extension of your company brand.

5. Coupons. When it comes to making any purchase, people need a push. Offering online coupons at the end of a blog entry or in the local newspaper is an excellent way to gain new business. Postcards are an inexpensive way to get your company exposure. Obviously, this is not going to land you a huge corporate client. However, it could help to get some of your less popular vehicles out on the road. Also, once a person tries your company out and likes what they see, it is more likely that that person will suggest it to someone else in the company. This could eventually lead to a bigger sale.

6. Customer Referrals. One of the most difficult exchanges in the art of communication is asking a question. It is also one of the most rewarding. Create a survey and follow up with customers to get their feedback. Create a plan where referrals get rewards. See where you can improve and tweak your ground transportation experience. Reach out to other companies in other cities and offer your services and vice verse. Our Referral Guide works because it benefits both sides.

Hopefully your attention span got you this far and you now have some ideas on making this week at work a productive and promising one. Try these six C's and see how changing your habits can lead to more business by making a few subtle changes.

Written by
Creative Dorector

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