Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Uber of China is Coming to America


Beijing-based Uber-equivalent startup, Yongche, is the nation's most popular mobile app and website for on-demand car service, and it has announced plans to launch in both New York and San Francisco.

The company certainly has its sights on some of Uber's market, but specializes in recruiting Chinese-speaking chauffeurs to service Chinese travelers and business professionals in major cities abroad – which is quite a sizable market.

In a Bloomberg interview, Yongche founder and CEO, Herman Zhou, cited the language barriers that make ground transportation difficult for Chinese travelers, which provided the rationale for his business model and focused target market.
Yongche has long-term plans to reach Los Angeles, Boston, London, Frankfurt, Singapore, Taipei, and Tokyo, all of which attract many Chinese travelers. The company currently has two million registered users, and 50,000 available cars in more than 50 Chinese cities, including Hong Kong.

For more information visit www.yongche.com.


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