Wednesday, July 2, 2014

RideGenie License Considered by Nevada Transportation Authority

Ride Integrity

The Nevada Transportation Authority has agreed to review a proposal from Integrity Vehicle Solutions for its smartphone app called RideGenie designed for e-hailing limousines, a la Uber.

The regulatory body overseeing bus and limousine rules throughout the state of Nevada has unanimously approved consideration of a license and setting a fee structure for the Las Vegas-based company, but not before a series of investigations and hearings to determine if the app is appropriate for public use. The
anticipated decision could take place as early as July.

COO of Integrity Vehicle Solutions Ed Gehres claims two Southern Nevada limousine companies—Bell Transportation and Presidential Limousine—have already signed on to use the app upon state approval, in addition to two others that have made verbal commitments.

Although RideGenie functions similarly to Uber, which has been advertising in the area, it claims that the major difference between the two is that the former will be subject to rules and regulations established by the Nevada Transportation authority.

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  1. wow! whadya know? some one comes in to the market place prepared to #playbytherules!


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