Wednesday, July 9, 2014

ProSight Launches Integrated Risk Reduction Solution

ProSight Specialty Insurance, a leading provider of insurance solutions for the transportation industry, launched an exclusive risk management solution for niche transportation customers called SecureFleet in June, according to a press release.

ProSight's announcement hails SecureFleet as "the insurance industry's only fully integrated video event recorder and risk reduction service," and plans to offer it as a complimentary add-on to ProSight coverage. The service utilizes a patented vehicle data and video recording system paired with a driver coaching program designed to help operators reduce risks and costs, and improve overall fleet management.

What differentiates SecureFleet is its unique partnership with ProSight and its customers, enabling a one-of-a-kind, innovative and comprehensive risk reduction strategy in line with the company's “beyond traditional insurance” mission, according to the release. Furthermore, the service advertises $950 in savings per vehicle in the first year, and the driver coaching component provides individualized coaching to help eliminate unsafe driving, reduce risk, accident claims and maintenance costs, and even increase fuel efficiency.

“We developed SecureFleet to help our customers make their fleets safer, more efficient and profitable. No one else in the industry has combined insurance with telematics, event recording technology and driver coaching as we have with SecureFleet,” said President of ProSight Specialty Insurance Solutions Darryl Siry. “ProSight selected SmartDrive Systems to co-develop the insurance industry’s most comprehensive and customer-focused risk management solution for transportation fleets helping owners and fleets ultimately improve the bottom line.”

“We are proud to partner with ProSight, embracing the convergence of insurance and safety technology to offer the industry’s first fully integrated insurance and video based safety program for commercial fleets,” said CEO of SmartDrive Steve Mitgang. “SecureFleet is an innovative new approach, leveraging our proven program to measurably reduce risk while driving significant improvements in fleet operational performance. We are excited to have been selected and look forward to the value this solution will bring ProSight customers.”

SecureFleet is accessible to the taxi, charter bus, school bus and trucking transportation industries via ProSight’s exclusive distribution partners. Charter bus customers can learn more about SecureFleet by visiting,

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