Monday, July 14, 2014 releases Limo payment mobile app

Advanced Merchant Solutions' of Fullerton, California, released PV-Limo, an adaptation of its popular Pocket Verifier mobile credit card processing system, on its website this month, according to a press release.

Like Pocket Verifier, PV-Limo enables limousine operators to accept credit card payments and also generates paper receipts so they can detail industry-specific charges like fares, tolls, parking fees and more. The functionality of the app is also very customizable, with programmable everyday charges, one time charges, suggested gratuity and other features.

“Hardcopy receipts are not only the best protection against chargebacks, but they are also proven to increase the tip amount,” Advanced Merchant Solutions CEO and co-founder Dennis Ideue said in the release. “When the cardholder is presented with a clipboard and a receipt to add tip and signature, they know the operator is going to see that. In one case study,” he added, “our field testers saw a definite increase in tip sizes, and during the 12-week testing phase, they got zero chargebacks or retrieval requests. The system definitely works and pays for itself [and] it also makes the user look far more professional, having printed receipts with all of their fees and charges detailed for the cardholder.”

The free PV-Limo app is currently available for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets from the Google Play and Apple App Stores.

For more information about Advanced Merchant Solutions and PV-Limo, visit

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  1. What a great concept! Being able to both make drivers happier (with larger gratuity) and to further negate the likelihood of charge-backs is a complete win-win! Currently, we're not even able to provide "on site" credit card transactions and have to go with cash only on the day of. So, this would even allow us to provide a greater level of convenience to our clients. We'll have to look into providing this to our drivers. Thank you for posting this!


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