Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Half of Corporate Travel Managers are Cutting Costs

Nearly half of corporate travel managers are cutting costs, and nearly a quarter expect the trend of cost-cutting to continue, according to a survey funded by AirPlus International, a global provider of business travel payment solutions.

The survey, conducted toward the end of 2013, aggregated responses from almost a thousand corporate travel managers working in 24 different countries. Interestingly, more than 30 percent reported the adoption of fleet integration strategies in their companies, and 20 percent anticipate that fleet integration will eventually occur in their companies.

More than half of the travel management professionals surveyed reported attempts to manage costs by consolidating them. Strategic consolidation seems to be a major trend in the United Kingdom specifically. According to the survey report, “The figures could reveal that travel programs are more mature in the U.K., or simply that U.K. companies are more likely to operate international subsidiaries."

The integration of technology in the form of “booking tools” is also a rising trend, with more than 40 percent reporting the use of such technology already, the majority of whom worked for larger corporations. Similar although slightly lower percentages of respondents also report integrating social media and mobile technology into their work-flow.

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