Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Unique Ride-Sharing App is Born in France


Heetch is a mobile ride-sharing app that sets itself apart. Rather than compete with Uber and several other ride-sharing services operating in Paris, Heetch is only available at night, and caters specifically to the party-going demographic.

Heetch recently raised half a million dollars in venture capital, and has subsequently seen nearly a year of steady growth. The app is similar to its competitors in that the interface and business model is familiar. One difference is that you donate money at the end of your ride based on a suggested price ($16 or €12 on average).

The company claims to have 200 drivers, 50 of whom are on the road on the average weeknight. The service provides just under 1,000 rides a week.

Anyone with a car and a license can become a Heetch driver; the app is largely unregulated, as is the trend. Drivers get a rating, and Heetch claims to take these ratings seriously. Heetch is entering a very competitive market, but the unique model may have some mitigating impact on the surge pricing commonly associated with its competitors during peek hours.

For more information on this mobile ride-sharing app, visit www.heetch.com.


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