Monday, April 21, 2014

Fleetmatics Reveals New Products and a New Focus

Fleetmatics Group PLC, a leading global provider of mobile workforce solutions, recently unveiled their new fleet management software platform, along with new products designed with the small-to-medium enterprise in mind. Mobile workforce solutions can be a real game-changer for the bottom lines of chauffeured transportation companies, and you don't have to be operating a huge fleet to see results.

The company's current percentage of clientele from the chauffeured transportation industry is between two and three percent, said CEO Jim Travers. But that number is growing, and with the release of the new platform and SaaS (software as a service) products, Travers said that "for-hire" businesses are a new focus for Fleetmatics.

Terry Murtaugh, co-owner of the Boston-based global ground transportation company United Worldwide, said his company loves the Fleetmatics platform. In the past three years they've been using it, Murtaugh said, "it's been a game-changer, and the customer service and ROI has been amazing."

He cites three key areas as having been most improved by the fleet management software: 1) the quality of service provided to clients, 2) reducing costs and complying with state laws associated with vehicle idling, and 3) promoting safety awareness among chauffeurs. "The monthly report with each chauffeur's rating," he said, "has been a huge asset." Currently, United operates a fleet of 14 vehicles that includes nine sedans (primarily MKTs), four SUVs, and one van.

A great selling point for the small-to-medium ground transportation company is that there is no up front commitment with Fleetmatics, and installation is fast, requiring only three to five working days. Free training and customer support is also available from Fleetmatics' award-winning customer service organization. 

Fleetmatics REVEAL is an easy-to-use yet powerful GPS vehicle tracking solution designed to increase productivity and streamline costs. With a mobile app available for iPhone and Android platforms, Fleetmatics REVEAL provides comprehensive insight into field activity, driver behavior and productivity.

Fleetmatics WORK is a mobile field service management solution that makes it easy to manage customers, jobs, schedules, invoices and drivers, promoting efficiency and quality of service. Fleetmatics WORK also integrates with Fleetmatics REVEAL to provide additional insight into workforce productivity.

"The improvements to Fleetmatics REVEAL are impressive - I've never had a better handle on the overall fleet and each driver within it," said Murtaugh. "Fleetmatics makes us more efficient, allowing us to react more quickly to customer needs and to service more customers without adding resources, while still maintaining our high customer service standards. The system ROI views have helped us elevate the field service group internally, because now we can easily quantify the impact we're having on the business."

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