Monday, April 21, 2014

Bollywood Event Means Big Business for Tampa Transportation Providers

TAMPA — City transportation could be tested with up to 30,000 people expected in town for Bollywood, the International Indian Film Academy Awards events from Wednesday through Saturday.

But local officials say transportation issues will be more on the scale of a major convention or concert rather than large events Tampa has hosted, including Super Bowls and the 2012 Republican National Convention.

Some bus routes will be modified. Street and highway congestion and road closures are expected at certain times near areas hosting Bollywood events downtown, at Raymond James Stadium and the Florida State Fairgrounds.

The impact on taxi and bus service remains to be determined because Bollywood, with a mix of celebrities and fans, and a blend of international and domestic visitors, will be the first of its genre of special events that Tampa has hosted.

Tampa’s new alternatives to taxi service, Lyft and Uber, don’t have permits to pick up passengers at the airport but can drop them off, airport spokeswoman Janet Zink said.

More than 150 limousines have been booked for the celebrities and their entourages, in what might have been a larger boon for business if Bollywood took place in June as envisioned a year ago rather than late April, a customary peak period for limousine rentals.

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