Tuesday, March 25, 2014

New Regulations Coming for Las Vegas Party Buses

The Nevada Transportation Authority intends to create a new category of luxury transportation services in light of a growing industry trend. Relatively unique to the Las Vegas market, this trend of high-capacity livery vehicles specially altered with luxurious add-ons like stripper poles, strobe lights and fog machines, requires new definitions and subsequent rules according to the state regulatory group.

As a result, these vehicles would be officially categorized as “livery limousines,” and would be regulated separately from other private transportation services throughout the state of Nevada. The precise definition of “livery limousines” would include any vehicle with a nine to 16 passenger capacity, or those with the additional luxury features mentioned above that one may traditionally associate with nightclubs and lounges.

After the NTA decides on the details of the new categories and their associated rules, any coach operating as a bus would be required to not have features like stripper poles, lights and fog machines. Stripper poles in vehicles have been a particular issue of contention on the Vegas Strip, frequently cited for several years as potentially distracting to drivers.

The city’s limousine drivers and the associations to which they belong have made statements in support of the NTA’s move to regulate these types of vehicles under different rules. Such a policy would protect them from competition from charter buses, who call themselves limousine services despite not having the proper license to do so.

View a draft of the NTA's proposed legislation.


  1. Here's another perspective: http://www.reviewjournal.com/news/opponents-proposed-party-bus-change-say-it-will-limit-competition-las-vegas

  2. This proposed regulation offers no safety improvements whatsoever to this niche clients that we serve. The Nevada Transportation Authority has no empirical data that hows why categorizing a Buses as a limousine is necessary. In fact the party bus industry has had no accidents or injury's on record in the State of Nevada to push for a change....... So we ( The Smaller Limousine and Bus operators) go back to the question as to who does this change really benefit when we can't give our tourists what they come to Las Vegas for........

  3. This is just another move by the big transportation companies "Good Old Boys" to lever the NTA to reduce and or eliminate the competition and take control of a new niche market.

  4. i have complete respect for the limousine industry in las vegas. They only have quality vehicles and they keep their eyes open for out of state limousine companies that come into vegas and try to operate illegally. in my opinion with party buses is that they must be 2014 and from a qualified manufacturer and not a small chop shop. and they can also place a 6 year age limit. Having to purchase a new 45 passenger tiffany party bus will cost you some money and you will need to charge rates that will cover the insurance/payments/maintenance.

    by simply changing the law that allows a party bus to be placed into service but it has to be purchased new, this will make sure the industry is not flooded with party buses and the companies that do add them to their fleet can service the clients and not hurt the limousine/suv industry.

  5. Thanks for sharing a information about new law about limo services and party buses. Las Vegas has high class limos. Eliminate the competition is a good step ahead.

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  6. They carry more people and you can even stand up, dance and drink as you cruise down the road. But these parties on wheels can come at a price. Nationwide there have been nearly two dozen fatalities on these buses including one here in the Northwest.
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  8. It is interesting that the Nevada Transportation Authority intends to create a new category of luxury transportation. It is interesting that the new limo will be officially categorized as “livery limousines,” and would be regulated separately from other private transportation services. I am glad that these limos are separate from regular limousines. limo service

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