Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hudson Ground Transportation System Prioritizes Data Security

The Hudson Financial and Technology Group, an application service provider for the ground transportation industry, has announced its achievement of Payment Application-Data Security Standard acceptance (PA-DSS) for its Hudson Ground Transportation System application suite for the second consecutive year. This acceptance was awarded by the PCI Security Standards Council, which governs credit card processing and data security standards. As a result, The Hudson Group and its HGTS application is "the first ground transportation software system in the industry to be evaluated and accepted to the PA-DSS security standard (v 2.0) when deployed on Microsoft’s Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Operating Systems."

Acceptance by the PCI Security Standards council means that an application has been evaluated for the way it processes and submits credit card transactions online, and the way in which associated data and clients' personal information is managed and stored. The process of obtaining the PA-DSS Acceptance is neither easy nor quick, which is perhaps why Hudson remains the only technology provider to have accomplished this over the last couple years.

Taking the initiative to becoming PCI Compliant is critical for software providers, in order to provide systems that are as secure as possible and protect operators and clients. Security breaches that result in the exposure of credit card data or of other personal information could cause financial ruin for any transportation company.

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