Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Florida Poll Shows Consumer Opposition to Uber Business Model

In January, Mears Transportation Group, Central Florida's largest taxi and luxury car operator, commissioned a statewide poll surveying over 3,000 Florida consumers. This data collection initiative was supported by the Florida Taxicab Association, and conducted by Frederick Polls in order to determine public opinion on the vehicle-for-hire industry, laws regulating the industry and Uber's business model in particular.

The poll determined that, of the 3,024 Florida residents surveyed...
  • 83% think Uber should be required to license their drivers the same as the taxi industry;
  • 92% want Uber to carry traditional liability insurance like taxis and other transportation providers;
  • 83% think Uber should serve ALL customers without discrimination;
  • 69% believe Uber's fares (what they charge passengers) should be regulated to always be the same instead of the controversial "price surging" that the company employs, charging higher rates during inclement weather or a sporting events;
  • 89% think Uber drivers should have to go through the same background checks that local taxi drivers must complete; and
  • 78% of Floridians believe Uber should adhere to the same regulations that taxis must go through on the local level.
 You can view detailed information about the poll at the Florida Taxicab Association website. These findings are especially revealing in light of the fact that Uber lobbyists have pressured the Florida Senate Transportation Committee to take legislative actions that would prevent the enforcement of regulations designed to protect consumers.


  1. "Uber lobbyists have pressured the Florida Senate Transportation Committee to take legislative actions that would prevent the enforcement of regulations designed to protect consumers." So the obvious question is why? Are unqualified, unregulated drivers cheaper? Would you send your mother, daughter or wife out with an Uber driver? What is Uber afraid of? Interesting questions.

    1. SIDECAR and LYFT entered the market using any driver and their personal car with very low rates. These driver have normal car insurance. Most standard insurance policies will be null and void if you are using your car to transport paying passengers. UBER Black (sedan) and UBER SUV use licensed limousine chauffeurs, who work for a state licensed limousine company. They do have commercial liability insurance and all the state permits required by law. UBERX was in response to LYFT and SIDECAR and uses the same model as they do. Unfortunately the people using LYFT, SIDECAR and UBERX only care about the low price.

  2. The UBERX product is just like LYFT and SIDECAR. Anyone with a state license and insurance and drive. UBER BLACK and SUV on the other hand are drivers working for a licensed Limousine Company and have all the permits and commercial insurance required by law. This article seems to be written to confuse the populace.

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