Wednesday, February 5, 2014

2013 Chauffeur of the Year Award: Michael Coughlin of ETS International

Michael “M.C.” Coughlin became ETS International’s senior driver just a few years after joining the company. We applaud his fast-track advancement within the company, which his colleagues attribute to his professionalism and warm personality. Setting an example for other chauffeurs in ETS and beyond, Coughlin’s hard work and dedication to delivering consistently high quality customer service deserves this recognition, because it contributes to the pride and value of every chauffeur in the business.

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  1. congratulations to Mr Coughlin.....

    about 14 years ago i worked for a shady limousine company in los angeles...... i took pride in my skills and after some years i had toned my chauffeur skills to its peak.....

    i always made sure i had a fresh non wrinkled suit for all runs.
    i keeped extra suits in the office.
    i always made sure my limousine was clean before any client got into the vehicle.
    for my vip clients i wiped the seats with leather conditioner and made sure there was no nasty things in the ice coolers.
    i had voss water for my vip clients
    with my extra tips i would leave the companies nasty cheap vodka and rum and actually purchased kettle one and captain morgans along with the correct mixers.
    i did not use the nasty napkins the company provided... i purchased my own and had my box of extra libby rock glasses and champagne glasses.
    that particular year i began to take my wealthy clients to private events in and around los angeles.... i had my hollywood connections to all the hot places..... i would give my limousine plate and as i was 2 minutes from event i would call the door man so my clients would not wait outside with bouncers.
    i also provided body guards..... actual lapd detective body guards that i had met in with prior clients and made contact with them....
    the memorable moment was when my clients lax flight was cancelled to iowa, as i pulled into lax i told the passeger to wait in the car for 4 minutes.. i ran inside and called the private jet company in van nuys..... came to the car and gave the client their number.... we drove to van nuys and the plane was ready to be boarded...... the client called the limousine company owner and asked to add 100.00 to my tip.....

    over the years i wished the the half ass limousine company owner i worked for would have nominated me for chauffeur of the year........ but he was not a real limousine company...... he did do one thing....... he would tell all the owners everything i did and pretend that he was the one doing this for his clients.......... if they only knew i was the one doing everything....


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