Thursday, January 16, 2014

Guest Blog Post: Top 7 Reasons Why Your Fleet Should Use Biodiesel

When running a business and operating a fleet, an owner should look for ways to cut costs and run the operations more efficiently. This is often hard without doing a little thinking. Fortunately, one way to save money and enjoy plenty of other benefits is to use biodiesel. With this in mind, here are the top seven reasons why a fleet owner should use biodiesel.

Advertising: People love to do their part and help save the planet. In fact, when advertising this, a company can generate goodwill and even find new customers who want to vote with their wallets. This is popular whether you’re conservative or liberal. People will naturally feel good when they use alternative forms of energy. In some cases, a person will not mind spending the extra money to do their part. This is the perfect way to excite current or potential clients.

Better on the Engine: Since biodiesel can run on a diesel engine with little work, this is an obvious choice for many. When using biodiesel, one will see a higher engine performance if they use the right type and maintain the car. When driving a car with biodiesel, many will remark at the improved performance and speed.

Fuel Economy: When using biofuel, you will get better fuel economy than with conventional diesel. This is a great way to justify running out and setting up a fleet with biodiesel. Over the years, a company will save thousands of dollars in fuel costs as an efficient vehicle will save plenty of money when filling up the tank.

Cheap or Free: When paying for biodiesel, fleet owners can sometimes get a discounted price. Other times, depending on the circumstances, they can get it for free. Although it might be a bad idea to count on this, there is still that possibility which a lot of conventional car owners don’t have. For this reason alone, a fleet owner should consider switching his or her entire fleet of cars to biofuel.

Better for the Air: Since everyone breathes the same air, it is wise for business owners and other people to take a few steps to protect the planet. Biodiesel is a cost-effective and efficient way to improve the environment without taking drastic measures. If everyone switched to biofuel, think about how much better the air quality would be.

Dependence: When using regular diesel or gasoline, you can bet your butt that you’re sending that money to foreign countries. On the other hand, when you use biodiesel you will keep your money in the United States. To many, this is a huge benefit as it is beneficial to the local economy when a consumer spends and keeps money in his or her area.

Workers: Extracting gasoline is a dangerous and scary task. Often, a worker in a foreign country will suffer an injury while on the job. In fact, you can look at the United States and see the Gulf oil spill as an example of people getting injured. This is a serious and overlooked problem and a smart person who cares about others should opt to cut out this process by using biofuels.

Without a doubt, a smart entrepreneur should try to save money on fuel. One easy way to do so is to use biofuels for their fleet.

Derek Whitney is a blogger for Fitz Limo, a Syracuse Limo company that utilizes biodiesel. He enjoys spreading the message of why biodiesel does not only save the environment but also your wallet.


  1. A very interesting and persuasive read indeed!!! I'm sure this piece will have many 'sold' on going the biodiesel way - thanks for sharing.

  2. I'll definitely have to pass this information along to my fleet manager! What a great read, with so many valid points. Thank you for taking the time to write this up.


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