Tuesday, October 29, 2013

PRLA Elects 2014 Board of Directors

The Philadelphia Regional Limousine Association met on Sept. 18, with Chris Burns of Fred Beans Automotive Group hosting the meeting. The hot topic of the evening was the election of the 2014 PRLA Board of Directors. The votes were tallied, and the 2014 Board will consist of Mark Barnett from Best of Times Limousine (secretary), Luxury Limousine’s Perry Camerlengo (board member), Brian Engle of Wolfington Bus Company (treasurer), Robert Euler from King Limousine (board member), Rhoades Limousine’s Steve Rhoades (vice president), Jim Salinger of Unique Limousine (president), and Global Limousine’s Anthony “Tony” Viscusi (board member).

2013 and 2014 PRLA board members [left to right]:
Mark Barnett, Michael Barreto, Anthony Viscusi,
Steve Rhoades, Jim Salinger, Perry Camerlengo,
Bob Euler, Brian Engle and Jeff Shanker.

PRLA President Jim Salinger thanked current Secretary and Treasurer Jeff Shanker from A-1 Limousine—who did not seek reelection, but will remain active as the liaison between the Limousine Association of New Jersey and the PRLA—and Board Member Michael Barreto, for his multiple years of conscientious, dedicated service to the PRLA, the membership and the entire industry.

Other pressing matters were discussed, including the new laws in Pennsylvania requiring any vehicle with a bus tag to enter all active weigh stations. This includes charter and shuttle buses, and vans tagged with bus license plates.

Another topic on the table was that of buses and New York State’s rules surrounding NY article 19-A, which requires any bus and company that drives into or through New York to register with New York State Motor Vehicle Agency.

Finally, the meeting’s attendees discussed the ongoing legal battle between the PRLA and the Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA), and the ruling from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court which identifies the PPA’s rules and regulations as unconstitutional. However, there is currently no conclusion to the issue.

For more information on the PRLA, visit www.prlainc.com.


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