Wednesday, November 6, 2013

MTG Family of Companies Consolidates to Improve Operations

Modern Technologies Group, the world’s largest supplier of after-market limousine, Sprinter and bus parts, has relocated its Midwestern subsidiaries, MastrAir and Elite Seating, to its New Jersey headquarters. This logistical consolidation, spearheaded by MTG’s VP of Operations Vince Romeo, was made in an effort to improve operations within each respective company, and ultimately deliver better products and services to their customers.

“The future of MTG,” says Romeo, “is in the four key areas that are most important to our customers: quality, on-time delivery, service, and price. We are refocusing our efforts to improve those aspects of our operations.”

MastrAir, which specializes in manufacturing air conditioning systems for Sprinters, buses, vans and limousines, is working actively with vendors to tailor their product lines to deliver a higher quality system and greater customer service. With a more focused array of products, simplified based upon customer needs, the company reports renewed confidence in their cost control structure and sales.

As an additional part of the consolidation effort, Elite Seating has also improved its operations by focusing on the same four key aspects of customer service. “With our current product offering, we’ve done the same thing as we’ve done with MastrAir,” says Romeo. “We’ve improved our quality and reduced our costs, which has provided us with a strong core of satisfied customers and repeat business.”

The consolidation of operations to their headquarters has given MTG and its subsidiaries an unprecedented level of control over the quality and efficiency of their products and services. With MastrAir and Elite Seating now under the same roof as their parent company, the newly restructured MTG family is poised for a future of continuing industry leadership.

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