Thursday, August 1, 2013

Creative Director John Crawford on Limo Digest's New Look

When it comes to branding your own company, it has to come naturally. Nothing about the process can be forced. So when I took over as Creative Director of Limo Digest, I thought it would serve us best not to rush into a complete overhaul, but rather wait until the new personality of the brand evolved organically, stemming from the fresh vision of our new staff. Put simply, we needed a reboot.

The first order of business was the name. Although Limousine Digest had been the official name of the magazine for the better part of the past quarter century, it gradually came to be known as Limo Digest to our readers. The title change made all the sense in the world. It rolls off the tongue more easily; the term “limo” can be used to describe all luxury ground transportation, and fits nicely as the boilerplate on the magazine covers—it just looks like it belongs there.

Once the decision was made to change the name of the magazine, the logo needed to be updated. The result is a bolder, more easily recognizable alteration of the original with a modern look that winks at the history of the brand but marks a definitive step toward the future.

Before: The original Limousine Digest logo had become
outdated and did not resonate with the new
direction our team resolved to move toward.
After: The new Limo Digest logo not only makes more sense as
the pillar to building a new brand identity, but visually represents
both our history and our magazine moving forward.

Now that we had a logo, we needed to settle on a new look for a more up-to-date, mobile-friendly website, incorporating our new brand colors and reenergized mission.

Limo Digest is now formatted to include a wealth of interesting stories, relevant articles and breaking luxury ground transportation news. The revamped website will be the engine that drives our brand—a brand dedicated to keeping our subscribers informed about all issues relating to survival in this incredibly competitive marketplace. Through our new website, you can learn from the experts and stay updated on news events as they happen every day.

Not only did we reinvent the look, feel and functionality of our brand, but have also been retooling our monthly magazine to match. We hope that, with each issue, you will start to see a new attitude emerge—a renewed dedication to delivering better content in a more stylish and readable format.

We want to interact with the quiet majority of our readers, and encourage you to reach out and let us know what you think of the changes. Facebook us, Tweet us, contact us on LinkedIn, or leave a comment below. You can even contact me directly at and let me know personally what you think.

Thanks and I look forward to your feedback!

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