Friday, September 13, 2013

AmProd and Michelin Partnering to Bring Fleet Tire and Service Card to the Industry

American Motor Products, Inc. (AMProd) has partnered with Michelin to offer a unique and first-of-its-kind Fleet Discount Card designed specifically for the livery industry. Livery operators across the country can now obtain their tires through authorized local Michelin Dealers, and get the discounted National Fleet Account price.

In addition, when they obtain the AMProd Fleet Card, normal service and maintenance are also discounted through the National Fleet Account. Savings are expected to be in the 20-30 percent range from normal local pricing, and tires are less expensive than through any other outlet.

The authorized dealers have Michelin, Goodrich, and Uniroyal tires in stock, so they can supply operators with tires for all their vehicles—from Town Cars and limos all the way up to buses. The system is designed to be easy to use, and to provide tremendous savings on tires and service for the operator.

The Michelin P245/60R/17 (T108) Energy LX4, the heavy duty stretch limo tire everyone is looking for and can’t find, is a part of the program, and Michelin is now stocking all their dealers with the tire.

For more information, call David Ward, AMProd EVP of Business Development, at (800) 935-9135, or email

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