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Monday, April 18, 2016

The Uber Dilemma

Just because Uber is trying to be like a limousine company doesn’t mean we, as an industry, should be having sleepless nights and restructuring our entire business plan to be like them or, to put it simply, to be an “on-demand” industry. Because if having well-maintained vehicles, professional looking drivers who have been vetted, adequate insurance to protect our clients, and the trade-off is that we are not an on-demand taxi service, then so be it.
uber-taxis.pngIn some ways the perception that our industry and Uber are battling it out like two gladiators sizing each other up in the Coliseum is somewhat misguided. It’s actually taxi companies (and to a lesser extent airport shuttle companies) that really have more skin in this game than we do. Taxi companies have always used as its bread-and-butter the luxury of being hailed from the street or being able to station themselves outside a hotel or airport terminal, a luxury we, as a livery company, are not regulated to do. But now Uber has entered the on-demand world and picked at the taxi business like so much carrion. Uber has effectively blurred the lines between taxis and limousines, and in doing so has inflicted some painful wounds on both parties, but none that should be perceived as fatal.
The onslaught of on-demand car companies shouldn’t be a rallying cry for us to be the best we can be. That’s a high bar that should have been set even if Uber never existed. We are not an on-demand service and I believe that is a plus, not a negative. It was always that very trait that allowed us to charge more for our services because, simply put, we offer more services. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t go to the wall to take care of our client’s last-minute needs.
The point to drive home here is that we can’t be all things to all people. Mercedes-Benz makes one of the finest cars in the world, but there will always be people out there who want, and need, a Kia. All we can do as a limousine industry is continue to be the best at what we do, to keep upgrading our service and, as new technology continues to evolve, to keep looking forward. But this can be very hard to do if we are always looking back over our shoulders.


Contributed by John M. Greene

John M. Greene is a 25-year veteran of the limousine business, and president and CEO of
ETS International in Randolph, MA. ETS International has an affiliate network of more than
350 limousine companies throughout the U.S. The company won the Limo Digest Show’s
2011 Image Award for Best Marketing. John Greene can be contacted at (617) 804-4801

7 Car Repair Mistakes That Can Cost You

The performance of your car depends to a large extent on you well you maintain it. Your negligence toward car-maintenance could result in your car breaking down sooner than it should. With repair and servicing costs being so high, you could be left with spending considerable amount of money just to get your car working normally again. Well, you can save yourself from all that trouble, if you take good care of your car. In this article, you’ll learn about the most common yet at times expensive mistakes car-owners make and what could be done to remedy them. Read on, to start making smart decisions about your car!

1) Using a Discount Mechanic: There's nothing wrong in trying to save a few bucks on car repairs, especially when that all important replacement part is quite expensive. But no two mechanics will repair your car the same way. So try to figure out how various mechanics in the area of your vicinity work. Generally, the way to go is strike the balance between the cheapest and the most expensive. It's best to compare prices between service providers, peruse through the online reviews and get opinion of friends and family for referrals.

Pick a shop that you find convenient and well rated based on reviews from multiple sites like Google, Yelp and Openbay. Car repair can prove to be a bother, so make sure the job once done has been done well. You would hate to take a poorly done repair job back for a re-fix to a different mechanic.


Filling the Engine With the Incorrect Weight/Type of Oil:
Many people would confess to having filled their car engines with incorrect weight or type of oil at one point or another. They don't think it makes any difference as long as the car engine has been filled with some kind of oil. Still more careless car owners would forget to fill the engine altogether. The mark of such drivers is that they could be recognized approaching from 3 blocks away.

Of course it's a wrong practice; you can't afford to be negligent with the weight and type of oil you use in your car.

The tell-tale signs of filling your engine with the incorrect oil may not come to the surface instantly, but there's no denying the fact that continuing with this approach would only deteriorate engine overtime. So make sure you pay utmost attention to the type, may it be synthetic, partial synthetic or nonsynthetic and also the correct weight (i.e 10@-30W, 0W, 40, 5W-20, etc.) of the oil required in your vehicle. Don't fool yourself into believing that your car would acclimatize itself to whatever oil you pour into it.

3) Persisting with the Dirty Filters When You Need New Ones! Air and fuel filters are a significant part of the car's anatomy. Keeping them dirty and messy can actually wreak havoc on your car. One of the most common reasons for a check engine light coming on is the failed sensor, which in some acute cases can result in the engine misfiring. Turning a blind eye to it could lead to major problems with the catalytic converter. This could result in the car failing to pass emissions inspection until it gets repaired, the cost for which could be around $1,000 for most cars.

4) Ignoring the Scheduled Maintenance: Number of people don't even bother going through the car manual. But despite seeming nondescript and useless, it does serve a purpose. Your car manual contains everything you wish to know about your car. It also has some very useful DIY fixes for common car issues that can save you money. The car manual would also have information on when you should take your car for inspection and fine-tuning. Following the instruction given in your car manual will ensure the longevity of your vehicle, practically eliminating the need for constant repairs, and help you save thousands of dollars on maintenance.

5) Failing to Rotate Tires and Check Air Pressure Forgetting to rotate your tires and failing to keep a check on the air pressure on regular basis can cause uneven tread wear and damage the car's tires. This can further lead to various other potential problems such as strain on steering and suspension parts (viz. tie rod end), vibration while driving and uneven traction. Most car repair shops would rotate the tires for a nominal fee; or you could do it yourself if you've got a jack and jack stand at home. As for the air pressure, you can get that checked at almost any local gas station.

A key thing to note here is that air temperature affects the tire inflation, so even if you're not noticing any leakage of air from the tires, you still have to get them checked as the weather changes throughout the year.

6) Overlooking Wear on Brake Pads Can you identify with that screeching sound a car makes as it comes to a stop? Well that's its brakes asking for help! Carrying on with such brakes is not just irritating for the people around you, but it can mess up your car overtime. Having the brake pads replaced on regular basis will actually help you save money as a brake rotor will last longer if the pads are changed from time to time. On the other hand, if the pads are left unattended until they're absolutely worn, they will scratch and score the rotor. As someone who's had their brakes changed would vouch for it, the most expensive part of the job is the rotors. Therefore, preserve them if you want to save money on your car repairs.

7) Neglecting Brake, Transmission and Other Fluids Besides fuel there are a number of other fluids your car needs to run efficiently. Obviously you'd have to refer to your owner's manual for the complete list of fluids and their respective change schedules to get the gist of things. You can even do this job yourself and save some money on both front and backend. Even the most clueless of drivers would be able to replace these fluids very easily. Last but not the least; don't forget to winterize your car! The harsh cold weather can take toll on your vehicle if it catches it unwinterized.

Acting on the tips mentioned in this article to dodge the pitfalls will keep your car in good shape and help you save precious time and money that you would otherwise find yourself spending at the car mechanics. //LD


Lisa Coffey
Lisa Coffey is a writer by profession. She has a knack for coming up with novel ideas. Being a voracious reader, she’s well-attuned to the developments in the automobiles industry. She currently writes for Yourmechanic. Prior to that, she has worked for scores of magazines, writing exciting content on topics such as Classic Cars and Modern Automobiles. She has a stellar track record of over 500 published articles.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

RMA Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation Welcomes New General Manager and Director of Finance

RMA Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation is proud to welcome Jeffrey Shanker as General Manager and Gidgette (Gigi) Bridgers as Director of Finance.

Jeff Shanker
Jeff Shanker
Gigi Bridgers
Gigi Bridgers
Shanker will be responsible for operations and logistics management at RMA. He joins the team after spending 14 years as Executive Vice President at A-1 Limousine in Princeton, New Jersey. Shanker also spent the past year serving as president of the Limousine Association of New Jersey. He will take the place of Art Meisemer, who will move to the Vice President of Sales and Client Development position at RMA.

As Director of Finance for RMA, Bridgers will handle the major fleet’s financials including all accounting, forecasting and strategic planning. Prior to RMA, Bridgers spent six years at MasTec Network Solutions where she held multiple, senior-level financial positions in both their Baltimore, Maryland and Morrisville, North Carolina locations.

“Jeffrey and Gigi are two top-level hires that we are excited to have as a part of the RMA team,” Robert Alexander, President and CEO of RMA Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation said. “Our company is growing and the experience they both have will help bring RMA to an even higher level.”
The two will start this month at RMA’s new headquarters located at 12270 Wilkins Ave. in Rockville, Md.

RMA Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation ( is a chauffeured transportation service company employing more than 225 staff and a local fleet of over 120 cars, vans, limos and buses. Founded in 1988, the company has offices in Rockville and Baltimore, Maryland and works with a worldwide network that services more than 600 cities across the globe.

Monday, March 21, 2016

The Gronk Bus & ETS Team Up to Bring the Party to the People

Throughout history buses have served a specific purpose. Sometimes they were used to make a social statement (Ken Kesey’s “Psychedelic Bus”), or to market pop culture (TV’s “Partridge Family” bus), or to educate our children (“The Magic School Bus”). But every now and then a bus comes along for one simple purpose…. to have FUN!

As big and in-your-face as the man who inspired it, THE GRONK BUS debuted several months ago, inviting party-goers to partake of this 25-passenger party-on-wheels. Customized inside and out by the Gronkowski Family, passengers have enjoyed such amenities as two flat screen TVs (43 & 24 inches), ceiling LED lighting depicting a football field, a lighted party wall showing a football scoreboard and the final results of the 2015 Super Bowl, Gronk memorabilia, a bar, restroom, and even a dancer pole. And now the next step in The Gronk Bus evolution has taken place.

In an ongoing effort to make The Gronk Bus as accessible as pushing an app on a phone, the Gronkowski Family has entered into a partnership with ETS International, a leading Boston-based ground transportation company. ETS International will use its advanced technology and 30 years of limousine experience to not only utilize its base of award-winning drivers, but also implement its state-of-the-art customer service technology into making The Gronk Bus’ reservation process as easy and customer friendly as possible.

In making the announcement, Dan Gronkowski said on behalf of the family, “Our goal was always to make The Gronk Bus not only accessible to as many people as possible, but also make that access just a simple app away. With ETS we found the perfect partner, a company with strong Boston roots who not only knows the ground transportation game but a company that has at its fingertips the latest technology our customers need and expect.”

With close to 100 drivers and a fleet of 50 vehicles, ETS International has won numerous industry awards. And according to ETS’ president Johnny Greene, this relationship is another feather in the company’s cap.

“Next to maybe Tom Brady, there’s no bigger personality on the New England football scene than Rob Gronkowski” says Johnny Greene. “We think allowing people to ‘party like Gronk’ is a tremendous idea and we are excited about the role we will be playing in helping to bring the party to the people.”

Adds Rob Gronkowski, “I enjoy surrounding myself with winning players, and ETS International has shown over the years that they know how to do it right!”

For more information about ETS International, and to reserve the Gronk Bus, visit

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Back to Basics with Referrals: Developing Your Online Portfolio

Referrals are one of the key forces that drive any successful business. In the limousine industry, there are no exceptions.

A referral can make or break a deal with a potential client. The idea of generating a referral portfolio tends to become overlooked when you’re busy trying to run your own business. There are so many things that need to be done on a daily basis that many business owners forget that businesses grow based on word of mouth and referrals from their clients.

Of course, advertising and marketing help spread the word about your business—but it’s one thing for people to see an ad for your company that states what a great service you have to offer them, and another thing entirely for them to hear it from someone who has actually used your services. People trust what other consumers and businesses have to say. If it’s nothing but great reviews, you will definitely see your business affected in a positive way.

However, your clients aren’t the only sources that can get people talking about your company. Building a reputable referral portfolio with businesses such as hotels, airports, wedding planners, and other customer service industries is just as important. These industries are usually able to reach more potential clients than the individual client who used your ground transportation services in the past. Hotels, airports, bridal expos and travel industries serve a large volume of people, and the right type of people who have a need for your services, making it easier for them to spread the word about your limousine company. But how do you build a relationship with these businesses? With a few simple yet consistent steps, you can build your company a referral network and watch your business grow substantially.

Having a great reputation is the most important step in gaining potential word-of-mouth clients. Great reputations are based on providing excellent customer service to anyone who gets into your vehicle, and to those who are potentially going to be in your vehicle. This might seem like a no-brainer, but customer service can make or break a limousine company. This is a customer service-based industry, after all. Since this aspect is an expected part of the business, it is easy for it to become overlooked at times.

Chauffeurs should arrive to all appointments on time, be extremely courteous, and also be genuine. They are there to make the client feel comfortable and confident that they have chosen the right company, and more importantly, make them want to use your service again or recommend it to others. Chauffeurs are the face of your company; an ongoing training program helps to ensure that all your clients’ needs are met.

Another potential way to provide excellent customer service is through phone and face-to-face inquiries. The people answering your customers’ questions should be professional, patient, and polite, as well as knowledgeable about your vehicles and the type of services you offer. Training on new vehicles and new services that may come with them practically guarantees excellence with your reservations staff. Potential clients will appreciate that they are receiving great service before they step foot into your vehicle, and this will encourage them to use your service over the competition. Having a great reputation with your clients will encourage businesses to refer your company. Don’t forget to use customer satisfaction surveys and/or ghost riders to help you keep your great reputation. Other customer service businesses want to be affiliated with companies that have great reviews, assuring that their own reputations don’t become tarnished.

Finding potential affiliates is an important process that requires a lot of effort. Don’t let this step discourage you. Building a business comes with the notion that hard work is to be expected. The task itself is simple: contacting companies and asking for their business. The hard work comes when you begin contacting many companies to expand your business to its full potential, but this experience can also lead to a wealth of knowledge.

For example, you may call a hotel and ask them if they’d be willing to use and/or recommend your business to their guests. Even though there are many businesses that will agree to refer you, there will be times when the company you’re speaking with will turn you down because they already use another service. Instead of becoming frustrated, use this as a learning experience. Ask questions, such as what they like about the other company, or if they are happy with the services being provided. You could learn a thing or two about what makes the other company appealing to the hotel, and use that information to improve your business.

There’s also the potential that your company offers a service that the other does not. In that case, the business might consider taking you on as another recommendation. Even if this process is a demanding one, never let your frustrations show through during the conversation. Be respectful to the business you’re speaking with and to those with whom they affiliate themselves. Thank them for their time and consideration, whether they turn you down or not. They will be more likely to recommend your services in the future if they remember how professional you were.

Besides contacting companies through the traditional long-distance communication practices, you might also want to consider meeting the faces of those companies in person. This can be done without setting up business meetings. Look in your areas of business and the areas you wish to branch into, to see if there are expos and conventions where there will be businesses that have the need for your services, or who deal with the types of customers who need limousines.

Exhibiting at bridal expos is a great way to spread the word about your company. If obtaining your own booth isn’t an option, go to the expo anyway, and be sure to bring your business cards along. Talk to venues, caterers, and even dress boutiques. All these businesses will be in close contact with the brides and grooms who will need to find a limo service for their big day, and could potentially refer your services to them.

This same technique can be used at travel conventions and other relevant expos. Even when there aren’t conventions and expos, or if there aren’t any in your area, you can still obtain one-on-one time with the businesses you want to reach. A great way to get them interested in your company is to allow them to experience your service firsthand. Offer them a free trial or invite them to visit your business. Chances are that once they see how professional and dependable you are, they’ll more than likely give you the referral traffic you’re trying to generate.

Last but not least, it’s important that you develop a sales pitch that is clear and also unique, so that it sets you apart from the competition. You’ll use this pitch through emails, phone conversations and face-to-face interactions. A good sales pitch is crucial when trying to expand your business. It should be professional but not mechanical. It needs to be genuine, and to express what your company is all about. Mention all of your services, any awards or professional reviews you’ve received, and why your business is the best option. Developing a sales pitch will not only be useful when reaching out to potential clients, but also when inquiries come to you. You’ll have a confident answer to their question without stumbling or having to develop one on the spot. Being fully prepared will boost your reputation as a reputable company.

Referrals are more significant for a business than many people may realize. Providing excellent customer service, and working to reach out to companies that have the potential to use and refer your services, will only help you in the long run. Don’t let the importance of referrals slip your mind while you’re working to run a successful business. All businesses have either expanded into great companies or failed due to word of mouth. In order for your company to be successful, you want to make sure people are talking, and that they only have positive things to say about your company. As long as you are professional, dependable and hardworking, you too can develop a referral portfolio that will expand your business to its full potential. //LD

Jennifer Lewallen

Monday, February 8, 2016

Fleet Management: Why You Need to Track Your Limos

For the limo business, the fleet of limos is the primary asset and expense. Without vehicles, you cannot run your business, but those vehicles are costly to drive and maintain. Maintenance, insurance, repairs and fuel eat a large portion of your company's budget. One way to ensure that your vehicles are driven in the most cost-effective way possible, without sacrificing the level of service your clients receive, is with fleet tracking. Here are some reasons why tracking your limos is essential to success.

Fleet Tracking Lowers Insurance Costs

Insurance is one of the only places where you can seriously cut your costs as a limo business. With other expenses, like fuel, maintenance and driver pay, you have less control. Fleet tracking will help lower your risk, and thus your insurance cost.

Why do insurance companies reward fleets that have tracking systems installed? First, tracking vehicles helps limit reckless driver behavior. Driver accountability will lead to safer driver behavior, because your drivers know that their activities are being monitored. Your insurance company knows this as well, and will lower your premiums as a result.

Second, vehicles with GPS tracking systems are easier to recover if they are stolen. Limos are a target for potential thieves, and you will have the benefit of being able to provide the last-known location for the vehicle if it is stolen. This helps the police recover it more quickly.

How much can you save? According to Automotive Digest, your rates might drop by as much as 15 percent with fleet tracking.

Improve Client Safety

Your clients trust you to provide them with a safe ride to and from their destination. GPS fleet tracking helps ensure this, by implementing driver accountability, which leads to improved driver behavior. When tracking what your drivers are doing behind the wheel of your limos, you can better enforce safe driving practices and limit excessive speeding, braking and other unsafe habits.

Increase the Efficiency of Your Fleet

Limos aren't known for their fuel efficiency, but you can improve this with fleet tracking. Driving at high speeds or having a driver who sits in the limo with the engine running while waiting for a client can use fuel unnecessarily. You can set your fleet tracking system to alert you to specific vehicle speeds or excessive idling. Modern systems can even correlate speed alerts to the speed limits posted on a specific road using modern mapping technology. This, then, allows you to curb behavior that is hogging your fuel budget.

Improve Engine Diagnostics and Repair

Some GPS fleet tracking systems can directly tie into the engine and provide diagnostic help when alert codes are triggered. Your system can also be set up to provide alerts when it is time for a service check or maintenance visit. By scheduling maintenance in a timely way, you can get more mileage out of your limo fleet and ensure you always have vehicles ready to deliver your clients where they need to go. In addition, fleet tracking helps you address small issues before they develop into costly repairs through better maintenance tracking.

Better Customer Service

Some limo companies offer a call-and-deliver service, picking up clients at a moment's notice from their hotels or the airport. To guarantee prompt delivery of a vehicle when a last-minute request is made, you need GPS fleet tracking.

GPS fleet tracking shows, in real time, where all of your vehicles are. This, in turn, allows you to dispatch a limo and driver who is close to your target customer.

Also, GPS fleet tracking with mapping technology can show you real-time traffic data. With this information, you can route your drivers around traffic delays, ensuring they arrive at your customer's location on time and are able to deliver their passengers to their chosen destination in a timely manner.

What's the bottom line? If you are running a limousine service and want to provide the best service to your customers at minimal cost, you need the help of GPS fleet tracking. The benefits this technology provides means it will easily pay for itself through increased efficiency, enhanced customer service and lower insurance rates.


Robert J. Hall
Robert J. Hall is president of Track Your Truck, a leader in GPS vehicle tracking systems and software for small and midsized companies. Check out one of his other Limo Digest posts here.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Continental Returns: Lincoln Revives its Flagship Model

2017 Lincoln Continental

Lincoln Motor Company unveiled its 2017 Continental on January 11 at the 2016 North American International Auto Show, which the company will begin selling in America and China this fall.

The return of the company’s flagship full-sized sedan brings with it a “thoroughly modern” new design that intends to appeal to “culturally progressive clients who define luxury on their own terms,” according to a Lincoln media release.

“The Continental name has long been associated with the ultimate in Lincoln beauty and luxury,” Kumar Galhotra, president of Lincoln, said in the media release. “With the all-new model, we are focusing on creating more human, personally tailored experiences for our clients – providing what we call quiet luxury.”

Understated elegance certainly resonates with the Continental’s brand history, and while the 2017 model is “brimming with luxury features,” according to an NAIAS press release, Lincoln has managed to marry contemporary wow-factor with low key luxury with this revival.

Elegant Design Features

A stand-out design feature of the new Continental is the “Lincoln Embrace,” which illuminates a brand-exclusive flowering sequence of LED signature lighting in the lower front fascia, rear tail lamps and headlamps when it detects a driver approaching. Mat lights also brighten the ground area around the front doors to improve ease of entry, and interior lighting aims to create a warm welcome to passengers.

“This car greets you as you approach it,” Galhotra said in the NAIAS press release. “As you get near it, this car comes to life.”

An abundance of other contemporary technological features enable a customized experience, including “Perfect Position” seats inspired by private jets and high-end office furniture, which can adjust to a passenger’s body shape and weight, provide a massage, heating, cooling, independent thigh extensions for additional support, and can be adjusted up to 30 different ways.

“It fits you like a fun suit,” Galhotra said in the press release.

Heated, cooled and massaging seats are also available in the rear, as are audio and climate controls and sunshades. Moreover, “the streamlined interior provides generous rear legroom,” according to the media release.

Door handles are built cleanly into the belt line and come equipped with E-latch electronic door releases, which pop open the doors with the touch of a button and use power-cinching technology to automatically close them.

Additional design features include an available panoramic sunroof that almost spans the entire roof, the front half of which slides up and over the rear; a customizable instrument panel; and three exclusive Lincoln Black Label designer interior theme options, which utilize unique woods, leathers and other luxury materials. All models feature new design details, including couture-like seat stitching and laser-cut center console door slats.
“This car greets you as you approach it,” Galhotra said in the NAIAS press release. “As you get near it, this car comes to life.”

Optimized For A Quiet Ride

A quiet and “serene” interior is an important element to the design of the 2017 Continental, according to the media release, and the model is thus equipped with several features aimed at optimizing the sonic experience of the ride.

First, 20-inch foam-lined tires are available to reduce noise from the tire cavity by as much as seven decibels. In addition, acoustic-laminated side glass helps insulate the interior cabin from exterior noise from the road and wind.

Very notable is an Active Noise Control feature that listens for undesirable noise throughout the cabin using microphones, produces opposing sound waves through the speakers to cancel them out, and at the same time enhances desired sounds.

Finally, the Revel speaker grilles are designed to produce optimized sound quality — the result of developers testing 200 different designs, according to the media release.

Performance And Safety Enhancing Technology

While Lincoln has loaded the new Continental with technologies aimed at enhancing the luxury aspects of the vehicle, a variety of technological features also aim to improve performance and safety.

The base engine will be a 3.7-liter V6 with standard front-wheel drive and optional all-wheel drive, and probably around 300 horsepower, followed by a 2.7-liter twin-turbo V6, also with front-wheel drive standard and all-wheel drive optional, according to Consumer Reports.

The top-level vehicle’s new brand-exclusive 3.0-liter V6 engine with twin turbochargers produces an estimated 400 horsepower and 400 lb.-ft. of torque, and “is designed for smooth, responsive, yet quiet power,” according to the media release, and an optional all-wheel-drive system comes with “Dynamic Torque Vectoring,” which automatically transfers torque between the rear wheels for improved stability when turning corners.

Also designed to improve handling is an adaptive steering feature called “Lincoln Drive Control,” which provides three settings – comfort, normal and sport – to tailor steering and suspension for improved steering response. “Advanced sensors in the continuously controlled damping system monitor the road 23,000 times per second and automatically adjust to provide a smooth and comfortable ride.”

To assist with parking and maneuvering in tight spots, a new 360-degree camera system seamlessly combines images from four cameras mounted in the grille, deck lid and 180-degree side mirrors for an overhead view of the vehicle. Several other technological features are useful for driving in stop-and-go traffic, including “Auto Hold,” which keeps the vehicle at a complete stop without the need for a driver to keep his foot on the brake, and adaptive cruise control, which automatically slows the vehicle in traffic, resumes higher speeds when it clears, and can even activate the brakes if the driver fails to brake in time.

In terms of safety, a feature called “Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection” scans the roadway ahead using radar and camera technology, and warns the driver if it detects a collision risk. However, if the driver does not respond in time, this feature can apply up to full braking force automatically to help prevent some frontal collisions or reduce their severity.

Similarly, a lane-keeping system is available, which alerts the driver if the vehicle is drifting from the driving lane and applies steering torque to help direct it back into the appropriate lane. Finally, SYNC 3 technology allows the driver to make calls, play music and read texts in the center display without the need to take his hands off the wheel.

An Upward Trend in Luxury For Ford

Mark Fields, CEO of Ford, said Lincoln is steadily making progress in the luxury vehicle market, with global sales up 17% last year and plans for 60 Lincoln dealerships to be operational by year’s end, according to the NAIAS press release.

“2016 will be an inflection point for Lincoln. It is the largest ever portfolio for the brand,” Fields said in the press release. “With the Continental, we are delivering the last of the four new [Lincoln] products that we promised.” The 2017 Lincoln Continental will be produced at Flat Rock Assembly Plant in Michigan, and will be available for purchase in the fall of 2016.


 Written by
Associate Editor & Digital Media Manager

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Best Chauffeured Worldwide Acquires VIP Limousines & Coaches

Best Chauffeured Worldwide Acquires VIP Limousines & Coaches
Orange County’s top two services unite as Best-VIP Chauffeured Worldwide,
providing the ultimate in luxury transportation.

[Orange County, CA.] – Best Chauffeured Worldwide, an acclaimed luxury transportation service, is pleased to announce the acquisition of their highly respected competitors, VIP Limousines & Coaches. Both award-winning companies have earned multiple industry accolades, and independently earned reputations for being customer-driven and employee oriented. Their similar business philosophies made the acquisition a natural step, with official integration beginning in early 2016. With over 50 years of combined expertise, Best-VIP Chauffeured Worldwide offers decades of experience while moving into the future of luxury transportation.

“This is extremely exciting,” Robert Vaughan, Best Chauffeured Worldwide founder and CEO, said. “VIP has a great team coming over with the company and the owner, Roger Webb, is staying on for two years to ensure a seamless transition before he retires. We’re taking the best of both companies and implementing fresh processes and procedures, and we’re looking forward to combining into one location next year. We’re very energized about it.”

Once integrated, Best-VIP Chauffeured Worldwide will offer a united staff and an extraordinary fleet of over 140 vehicles. Top-of-the-line limousines, sedans, vans, SUV’s, minicoaches and motorcoaches will be available, functioning with cutting edge technology to ensure luxurious travel with hassle-free reservations. Both companies hold a rapport with the leading DMC’s and Meeting Planners in Southern California, and the new Best-VIP brand will maintain the highest level of service and deliver innovative options for travelers booking transportation locally and globally.

Best Chauffeured Worldwide started as a one-vehicle, weekend limousine service, and grew into a company that offers a stunning of fleet of vehicles and services across the globe. They take pride in every facet of their business, from their back office and mechanical crew to their charismatic drivers. After 20 years, Best Chauffeured accumulated a client roster that includes Fortune 500 companies and VIP celebrities.

VIP Limousines & Coaches is a leading force in ground transportation, offering a top quality fleet designed to give clients the finest services and support available. During their 30 years of business, they’ve worked with high profile clients including Broadcom, the Anaheim Ducks, and Montage Resort. Now a part of the Best Chauffeured Worldwide family, VIP will offer the same level of service to their loyal clients on a global level.

“What’s made us both very successful is our commitment to service," comments Vaughan. "We provide high-end vehicles with professional chauffeurs, and strong backbone support within our office structure. Best and VIP have been able to compete in the market with one another, and now that we’re moving forward as one we’ll continue to provide elevated service and premium transportation on a larger scale.”

Both companies are pillars in Orange County transportation, and the new Best-VIP Chauffeured Worldwide brand is a unified point of strength and reliability in the industry. For more information, visit

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Dav El | BostonCoach Brands Acquires Chicago’s Metropolitan Limousine

BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Marcou Transportation Group, owner of Dav ElBostonCoach, today announces the acquisition of Metropolitan Limousine, Chicago’s premiere quality chauffeured service. The company will now be known as Metropolitan Limousine, a Dav El | BostonCoach Company.

Located in the heart of the South Loop, Metropolitan Limousine has been operating a private chauffeured service in the Chicagoland area since 1972. Since its founding, Metropolitan Limousine has developed a network of affiliate partners across the U.S. and Canada, and in major cities throughout Europe, Asia, South America, and Australia to accommodate clients traveling nationally and internationally

“Metropolitan Limousine is one of the oldest and largest transportation services in the Chicago market and provides the highest-quality of limousine services in the city. Metropolitan’s staff consists of well-trained and hardworking employees and we are excited for them to join our team,” stated Scott Solombrino, President and Chief Executive Officer for Dav El / Boston Coach. “Chicago is a key market for our business and this acquisition positions us as a major operator there, providing access to all the top luxury hotels in Chicago, which Metropolitan Limousine currently services.”

“The acquisition of Metropolitan Limousine is a strategic component to the growth and operations of the Dav El / BostonCoach transportation network,” said Solombrino.

"The opportunity provided to Metropolitan by the Dav El / BostonCoach acquisition is an exciting one that offers multiple benefits for our customers and our company," said Ted Milos, former co-owner of Metropolitan.

To read more, click out the official press release by clicking here.

Monday, January 4, 2016

R&R Limousine Wins Angie’s List Super Service Award Second Year In A Row

Louisville, KY - R&R limousine, an upscale chauffeur and transportation touring company was the proud recipient of the 2015 Angie’s List Super Service Award. This is the second year in a row they’ve received this honor.
R&R Limousine understands the importance of customer satisfaction and promises to always deliver only the best in transportation and chauffeured services. To receive the award R&R has to be super on their service by meeting Angie’s list eligibility requirements, maintaining an overall “A” rating, being in good standing according to Angie’s list guidelines and passing a background check. R&R appreciates the high praise from clients via the Angie’s list award as it reflects their own high standards of customer service.
“Only about five percent of the transportation companies in the Ohio Valley have performed so consistently well enough to earn our Super Service Award,” said Angie’s List Founder Angie Hicks. “It’s a really high standard.”
As Louisville’s most popular transportation and touring company owner Carey Fieldhouse says “We are honored to be among the best in in our industry, and we are happy that our clients think so highly of us and the services we offer. We thank everyone who gave us such a great rating on Angie’s List.”

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